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Offsite Painting Parties!

All Fired Up! can bring the pottery painting party to you! - Perfect for all types of events!.....   Whether you have a  large group that can't make it to our studio at the same time,  or don't want to worry about transportation or simply want to relax at your own house, dorm, or classroom we can bring it to your location!

 For Groups of 30 or less, we package the pottery, supplies and instructions up for you to pick up. (see pottery to go section for more details) 

For Larger Groups (More than 30 - there really is no limit - we have done offsite events of over 200 people before).... we will send our staff to help get everyone started and explain the pottery painting process.   We bring the pottery, supplies, & paints! - All you need to do is have the area/tables set up (clean-up is a breeze since the paints wipe right up)  and have bowls of water at the tables to rinse  brushes out.  (Fun music playing is suggested too!)  We leave the pottery and supplies overnight to dry completely and pick up the next day.  Glazed and fired pieces will be ready to pick up from our studio in 7-10 days.  

Offsite Events do require at least 3 weeks notice and  a 50% deposit for special orders of pottery and must be in the greater Lafayette/West Lafayette area.  We have put together 2 popular packages of mugs.... but are happy to work with your group if you prefer plates, bowls, or special 'theme' pieces - just call the studio! 

Regular Mug Package 

Regular Mug Package includes a variety of 12-16 oz. mugs  - regular retail prices range from $24-$26- Groups of 30 or more are $22/each for offsite events. 

Large Mug Package  

Large Mug Package can be all cappucino mugs, travel mugs,  tall coffee house mugs or combination for artist to choose from.  Retail prices range from  $28 - $32 Groups of 30 or more are $26/each

Pictures from some of the Fabulous Offsite Events we've attended  in the Past!

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